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Is Your Child Really Ready to Use the Toilet?


Physical and Psychological Signs of Toilet Learning Readiness

* Stays dry for a long time.  The child is able to "hold" their urine and bowel movements.

* Has bowel movements at regular times.

* Adult can recognize when child is moving his bowels.  Child is deliberately moving bowels.

* Can undress and pull up own pants?

* Emotionally ready.  Open to learning.  Sometimes this happens after reading potty books repeatedly.

* Can follow three or four step instructions.  Critical to learning to pee, wipe, flush and wash hands.


Your child needs to remain in pull-ups for 10 Turtle Tales days in a row without any accidents, poop or pee, in the pull-up before we can have them wear underwear.

Sometime children have more success at Turtle Tales and sometimes they have more success at their own house.

Every child is different when it comes to potty training (we have worked with over 25 children when it comes to potty training).

When you feel you are ready to take on the potty training process, you need to be all in. That means either staying home so a bathroom is always available or bringing a potty where ever you go.  When you make potty training a priority, it goes quicker and easier.

Giving them extra liquids helps. Also taking "potty breaks" instead of waiting for your child to say they have to go potty will help.  Some children are able to say "I have to go potty" and others just have accidents because they weren't paying attention.

At Turtle Tales we  never ask the children if they have to go we just say it’s time for a potty break.  You also may have to “train” their bladder by putting them on the potty every hour for a “bathroom break”.

We suggest starting this process when we are on vacation so that you can begin the process and get a good head start. Please remember that if you don't make potty training a priority, you may not have the success you are looking for