Benefits of Multi-Age Preschool

  • Multi-age groups offer children opportunities to develop and practice social skills.
  • There is a wider range of behavior and performance that is likely to be accepted and tolerated by the adults as well as by the children themselves.
  • There are often less competitive and more cooperative or helpful behaviors.
  • Mixed-age group care is more like a home setting and often a more comfortable and secure setting for young children.
  • Siblings are not separated.
  • By design, mixed-age group care is geared more to the needs of individuals. ¬†Children in such groups have greater freedom to develop at their own rate.
  • Older children learn to adapt their language and social skills to relate with younger children, often learning patience, compassion, and problem-solving skills.
  • Younger children are challenged by older children and often engage in more complex activities than when they play with same age peers.