Turtle Tales is open Mon-Thurs from 7:30am- 4:45pm.

Turtle Tales Preschool opened its doors in September of 2000 and will remain open for generations to come.

I had been subbing for St. Paul elementary schools and John had been working as a CNA. It had always been my dream to get my elementary education and early childhood degree so that I could either teach in St. Paul or open a home childcare. John liked the idea of starting a home childcare and working together with a group of children.

We decided we wanted to provide a multi-age preschool program in the morning during the school year. We receive all our materials from a company called “Mother Goose”. They send us all the materials we need for each month. They have a four year theme program so that children are exposed to a variety of topics while they are at Turtle Tales.

*Update: In the fall of 2007 we bought a house across the alley from our house. We use the new house for our Child Care. We love the fact that we can have our home childcare in a separate residence!

Would you like to set up a tour, just shoot us an email or call us! We can do evening or weekend tours.

*Rates won’t change while you are enrolled
*We provide snack/lunch/snack

Turtle Tales Preschool helps children learn and develop by using a mixture of Mother Goose Preschool Curriculum and play. By having a preschool curriculum we are able to plan for and support the development and learning of each child at Turtle Tales.

Our Program is unique because it gives the children a chance to learn from each other. The younger kids learn from the older kids and the older kids learn patience and tolerance from the younger kids. There are many hidden life lessons that can only be learned in this kind of setting, much like a one room school house did for past generations. Children getting ready for Kindergarten are able to work on their skills along side younger kids who are working on different age appropriate skills.

Our basic philosophy is the recognition of each child as a unique individual with varying interests, needs, and abilities. Therefore education is approached in an individualized manner, allowing children to progress at their own pace. It is our belief that the process of learning is more important than the content of learning. Because of the focus on process learning, activities are designed to emphasize the experiences children are having rather than what results from activities. It is less important that a child can copy a “project” than what a child creates, experiments, and discovers! While assisting children in learning, we are always conscious of our primary objective: to establish a warm, nurturing relationship with each child.

The children at Turtle Tales range in age from 18 months on up to right before Kindergarten. The younger child learns much from the older ones, while the older child gains a sense of responsibility by helping and including the younger children in his/her play. As the children become older at Turtle Tales, they will have a different learning experience then she/he did when she/he first started. Each play situation becomes more intricate and involved for the older child.