Believe it or not there is an art to Separating from your child at drop off time.  Below are some tips to help make this easier for you and your child.  We would like you to be able to leave your child with us knowing that we love what we do and your child will be safe with us.

Children handle separating from parents in different ways. Separation can also differ from day to day.

Suggestions for Separating. To assist your child in separating, we suggest the following…

  • Inform your child of your plans for the day prior to dropping off. Tell him/her that you are bringing them to Turtle Tales and let them know what you will be doing while they are learning and having fun with their friends. Be sure to let them know who will be picking them up.
  • After we greet your child and you have shared any information you need to share, give your child a hug, kiss, or word of encouragement, and go. Prolonged goodbyes are actually more difficult for the child.
  • Let your child know, by your physical and verbal actions, that you are sure s/he will have a good time. Share your confidence with your child. Let your child know that you feel s/he is capable of handling your being gone for a while.
  • Remember – hesitating or holding on will be confusing to your child.
  • If it is difficult for you to separate from your child, try not to communicate this to your child.  Children are very perceptive and may become anxious if they feel you do not feel they can adjust to this separation.
  • If you have concerns or questions about your child’s separation that day, please feel free to call and find out how s/he is doing.


A small word of comfort. Separation can often be harder on you than your child. And things really do get better.